Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fool With A Fancy Guitar

I was watching a lecture by Andrew Peterson about imagination and it's collision with faith, and was moved to think about an illustration I did several years back. Pulling out my old card stock journal and thumbing to the page with the crowned guitar playing I wept... 

At first I was unsure why this moved me to tears, but after several moments of leaning into the spirit a levee broke in my heart. The summary of all this emotion is to detailed to write down, but can be summarized as .... I Have A Calling!

I know that may be too vague for some, but for me it was the air that stoked the coals. Having meaning is the fundamental element that we all look for. Sadly I spent many years and many pages fooling myself into a mortal meaning, not knowing that I'm a prince that represents the Makers kingdom.  

I know that artist are incredibly fickle due to lack of purpose and charge. Take the moment however to trust this weary traveler, that we all are little makers representing our heavenly Maker.

I pray that this blesses your life and moves you further up and further in....

All the best,

Here's the video that spurred this flood of truth: